Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wardrobe Makeover

Well, as of today, I have officially lost a total of 30 pounds since we moved in. Great, I know, however, none of my clothes fit. Luckily, I saved one small pair of jeans and bought another pair. I have a pair of khakis, 2 coats and 6 sweaters that all fit for winter. And honestly, that's about it.

Since I am broke, I am learning to get creative with my wardrobe. I bought a bunch of new shirts and dresses after I shed some of my baby weight (but not nearly enough) and they looked great! I bought they must have been cute, right?! Now they fit like a family size tent! Sigh! TIME TO GET SEWING!!

I bought this shirt for Easter this year and loved it. Here is the before picture...

...and here is the after picture.

I am so proud of myself! One shirt down, 15 more to go!


squeeli2 said...

Way to go. You are a brave soul. I need to do that to a few items and I have been way too chicken!

Ashley said...

Wow. My mouth is hanging open at that number. I still don't understand where you were hiding 30 pounds but you look AMAZING!!! Love the 'new' shirt!

Tara said...

30! That is awesome! I want details on how you did it!

Brooke said...

OK Tara, pull out your pens and pencil.
Breakfast: egg whites with cheese and turkey bacon
Lunch: grilled ck salad or veggie soup
Snack: fruit or a 100 calorie pack
Dinner: preferably meat and veggie and a small carb

The SECRET: I drink decaf coffee ALL DAY so I don't feel hungry or suck a piece of hard candy and then, of course, we have cheat day once a week.

There's obviously more variety but that's it in a nutshell. The first week without a bunch of carbs is a bit confusing for your body but push through it because it's SO worth it!