Friday, October 30, 2009

The Friday Wrap-Up

As usual, our Friday wrap-up...

-Lots of rain and cold and runny noses are run-amuck at our house. The common cold strikes again for the second time this month...for all three of us! Looks like there will be no trick-or-treating in our future. Just lots of rest and plenty of fluids. Maybe we will put on her costume tomorrow night and take her with us to answer the door and hand out candy.

-Someone at E's office has swine flu. We are praying hard that he doesn't have it.

-Rach learned to drink from a straw. We also tried apples and cheese this week. She has a new game where she puts her paci in my mouth (which is probably how I caught her cold in the first place). Then she takes it out and puts it back repeatedly while squealing over and over again. She likes to play copycat games. Still no crawling, but plenty of scooting backwards.

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Amanda said...

Feel better soon! That will be cute if you dress Rach up and hand out candy! We will do the same after we visit a couple of neighbors with Drew.

I hope E dosen't have the swine flu. Its rapidly getting to everyone here. I have one co-worker with it and one with pnemonia. Not a pleasent thing to have, either one.

Take Care!! Happy Halloween!