Thursday, October 1, 2009

Friday Wrap-Up

It has been the longest week EVER!!! E has been at work until REALLY LATE every night and when he finally comes home, he is in the office doing more work. I completely understand and I know he has ALOT of projects coming to an end but somehow I get dragged into the exhaustion with the baby! Maybe because I think we have yet another tooth coming in. Luckily the weekend is here! That means energy for me. Thursday and Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings are my days at the gym. After thirty minutes of spinning, I can't remember anything that happened over the past week and I feel so refreshed. After an hour of spinning, I am doing good to remember my own name!!

With the rain and the cooler weather, we have been cooped up inside for a few days as well. We got a few walks in with Maggie, because otherwise she would drive me insane following me around the house, but I had to get creative with Rach. So we invented a new game called "Shoes". Since she hardly ever wears shoes, a big basket of them is a whole new world of different textures and colors.

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Amanda said...

I love it!! We are going to have to come up with indoor games soon too with it getting darker sooner and cooler around here.

Good luck this weekend with the car seat. We are heading to the stores this weekend too:)