Friday, October 16, 2009

Family in Town

My aunt and cousin came into town late Wednesday night. Since Rach is still a little, the temperature has dropped significantly and there is a constant drizzle here, we stayed close to home and tried to do DC indoors yesterday.

We decided to show them the ropes of the Metro and hit Union Station for a little shopping and some lunch. Then, we did a tour of the base here where we live and hit the exchange and the commissary.

Somehow, Rach poked my cousin Laurel in the eye and now she can only see out of one eye...poor girl! So she is wearing sunglasses indoor now so that she can open her eye. Here is some of our pictures from yesterday.

Me, Laurel and Rach waiting for the Metro

Carrie, Laurel and Rach at Union Station...we snuck outside for a quick picture and then ducked right back in ...too cold and rainy.

Rach was super funny...she couldn't look forward to save her life...there was so much stuff above her head to look at.

Lots of glass balls in one of the art shops

After I finished eating lunch, Laurel took the baby so I would get a chance to eat.

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