Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembrance, Protests and Celebration

What a weird day! As I sit here writing, I hear fireworks (hopefully it's only fireworks) outside the house. The infamous CG routine training (that's all over the news this afternoon) occurred just up the street. For the past week, the air activity around town has been overwhelming. Even as I went to bed last night, they were conducting training exercises until late into the evening. How blessed we are to have those people staying up late into the night to ensure my family's safety.

This morning, as me and E were drinking coffee and watching the news/playing with Rach, we reminisced on where we were that memorable I was asleep in my dorm room on the 5th floor at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Not long after the incident, my dad called and wanted me to come home (since my room overlooked Redstone Arsenal, NASA and Research Park). I stood in line for 45 minutes to get gas and then headed home where we all parked in front of the tv and watched the news for the next few days. While we were sitting there this morning, an overwhelming sense of thankfulness and blessing just came over me. I am so blessed to be sitting in my living room with my husband, playing with my healthy baby girl and I have no other wants. So tonight with some friends, we are planning to celebrate all of the blessings we have, all of the things that 4 rogue airplanes can't take away from us, celebrate the ones who have paid the ultimate price for liberty and celebrate the freedom we enjoy daily.

And to top off the weekend, we are attending a protest at the capital building. I try to keep my blog anti-politics, so no worries, nothing is changing. There is a time and place, ...I just don't think this is MY time and MY place. I am actually a little anxious about going...not anxious bad, but anxious good. It's a cause and ideology that I believe in and am exciting to be able to share it with E and Rach. So wish me luck and I hope to have lots of pictures to share from the weekend when I come back on Monday!


andreaunplugged said...

You should call Linsi next time...I think she'd be up for going to a protest. (I can give you her number if you want it) Since she's in Arlington too, you could carpool/ride the metro together!
Hope all is well, I can't wait to see pics, even if not on your blog, send me an email and let me know what it was like!

Amanda said...

Good luck at the rally!