Monday, September 14, 2009

Our First Protest

While you may or may not agree with my political views, no worries, we are not going to debate them here, it is still my blog and I am showing some of my pictures. If you want to see the rest, CLICK HERE! But in case you don't go, here are a few of my favorites.

Rachel's first train ride...all was fine until they honked the horn and scared her...if only they didn't honk the horn at every stop. I was "THAT MOM" on the train with the crying baby!

Us with Betsy Ross...Rach just wanted her hat, then her shirt, in this picture, the glasses around her neck.
The first amendment engraved on the News Museum.


Amanda said...

Looks like a great time (except for the train horn)! Also, nice stroller (we have the same one)

Ashley said...

Too funny! That is the same stroller my friends Chris and Aida have for their newborn. Must be a good choice!

While I might not agree with your purpose, I always enjoy a good protest! So good to get Rachel involved so early. You can bet Lily Ann will be, too! Haha!