Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Wrap-Up

Me and Rach finally ventured off base together. I really haven't driven anywhere by myself other than places here on base.

Saturday: we went to the Andrews AFB exchange (where we won the raffle for a gift certificate),
Monday: we went to the Giant (grocery store where we played my new favorite "Grocery Game"...more about that later),
Wednesday: we went to Kohl's (because NONE of my clothes fit anymore, in a good way, and I only had gym clothes to wear), and
Thursday: we went to Target to get some leggings and a new toy for Rach.

I was a big week...and today, we rest! Ahhhhh! Hello coffee...hello shower...hello nap...hello blog!

Because my grandmother ("Nanny") has been whining and saying that I haven't put up enough pictures of Rach lately, "Nanny, this one's for you!"

I made Rach a toy box this week for the floor, mostly because I was tired of Maggie bringing baby toys to me, but this has been the HIT of the week. Now she can dump the whole bucket out on the floor and play for hours, or at least until she poops!

I know, this isn't Rachel, but dressing up Maggie is a fun game at our house. Rach got a new winter vest which E thought looked like a dog hat. Mags was not pleased or nearly as amused as we were!

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Denise :) said...

LOL! Giant grocery stores were another thing I missed dreadfully when I moved to Alabama. Luckily, Publix came in and has eased my pain! :)