Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The EBAY Bug

Last week, my cousin got bit by the EBAY bug and bought a lot of dresses for Rachel because she couldn't live without Rach having one of those dresses. Isn't she cute in her new pink Polo dress and leggin's!! (The front of that dress was soaked with drool within minutes.) But now she passed the bug on to me, to the detriment of my bank account! So I have now been bitten by the bug as well and so far have bought an LLBean jacket, this London Fog coat, and this little onesie shown in the picture here from American Apparel all for Rach who desperately needs some winter clothes. I bought some winter clothes for her back when she was doubling her weight just about every week, it seemed, but now that she has leveled off and lost a few pounds too, I don't think she will grow into those clothes in time.

So far, I currently have over 30 items that I am watching...hopefully I don't get antsy and bid on too many of them. But seriously, need a cheap coat? I got Rach a coat on EBAY for a quarter of the price of the ones I saw at Target!

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Amanda said...

I love ebay and craigslist!!