Friday, September 25, 2009

Cheat Day

Don't get the wrong idea...I am totally devoted to Mr. Everyday's Cheat Day on food! Get your mind out of the gutter!!!

Me and E have been on the P90X phase 1 diet for what seemed like forever. Phase 1 is supposed to last 4 weeks in accordance with the exercise program, but since we never got around to finishing the first four weeks of the program, we have stayed on phase 1 which is actually pretty strict. We adjusted our lifestyle to fit the diet and finally got used to it and wanted to make it our new way of eating. Why would I want to tie myself to a strict diet? Oh yeah, now I remember, maybe it's the 27 pounds I have lost in the past 3 months and I think E has lost almost 20 pounds. (**we will be passing the offering plate later for the "Everyday Bailey Needs New Pants" foundation)

To stay at phase 1, there are no cookies, no baked goods, 1 small carb a day (1 tortilla, 2 peices of whole wheat get the picture). While that satisfied our waistline, it didn't satisfy our cravings...which can be overpowering.

So what else was there to do, other than institute a weekly CHEAT DAY! The new rule is that if you exercise throughout the week, you may have 2 homemade chocolate chip cookies on Saturday and Sunday. And Sunday is breakfast for lunch day. We completely splurge on the extra scrumptious pancakes and greasy sausage patties with all of the butter and syrup that we have been thinking about all week! Another reason I like Cheat Day...E makes all of the food and does the clean up!! Completely worth the wait and leaves us satisfied for the coming week! By the way, this diet is the post pregnancy woman's best friend!

If you want the recipe for these EXTREMELY scrumptious pancakes, click here or go to the side bar.

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Ashley said...

Oh my goodness, Brooke! 27 pounds in 3 months?!? I don't think you had 27 pounds to spare! But that is awesome!! I'll definitely look to you for a post-pregnancy diet. Don't know if I'll be so diligent, though. When I was on my pre-wedding diet, I would splurge once a week on Mexican. Those pancakes look really good right now!!