Tuesday, September 22, 2009

An Awesome Day

Saturday, me and Rach went to do some shopping while E stayed home and got some studying done. So we headed over to a one of the base exchanges in town. I had forgotten that last week was the Air Force's birthday (how could I have possibly forgotten with all of the LOUD fly overs for the ALL of the celebrations). They were running raffles and contests and giveaways at this particular exchange that we went to. We skipped the jewelry giveaway, well, because the jewelry didn't look all that great to begin with. But the discount balloons and the prize wheel caught my interest. We ended up winning a 25% off coupon and a $50 dollar gift certificate to the exchange. HELLO!!! I was pumped! It was a good day! I got free workout gear, and Rach got free shoes, a dress and a some new eating utensils, bowls and a new feeder bag (Because Maggie ate the other ones). I always like shopping trips where I leave with more money than I came with!

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