Monday, August 10, 2009

Sight-Seeing Saturday-Arlington National Cemetary

Rach REFUSED to sit in her stroller! So we had to swap off holding her and blowing on her belly to help keep her cool, until she finally fell asleep. We took many different routes than normal tourists take so there was, literally, no one walking on the road with us. Such a beautiful, peaceful walk!
Lunch Break! We brought a picnic since we were trying to squeeze in a sight before the next nap!
Me and Rach taking a break on the park bench while E found some familiar names.
Changing of the Guard
Random Statues
I HEART the beautiful grounds there. I had a hard time keep my mind off what a beautiful and peaceful place it was rather than a solemn, respectful place of rest.


Anonymous said...

Arlington Cemetary is such a humbling place to visit...but yes it is beautiful and peaceful. Glad to see y'all are doing well.

Ashley said...

Great pictures. Glad ya'll had a great time and can get some sightseeing in!

P.S. You look like you are skinny, skinny, missy!

Amanda said...

DC is great, with so much to see and its all free!