Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Instead of Sight-Seeing Saturday

Due to Hurricane Bill, the weather here was atrocious over the weekend. So we stayed inside and cooked this weekend instead. Oh yeah, and E accidently erased all of our pictures, music and documents over the past 7 years! Small things...right? What did I do? Well...honestly, I was blessed with a break in the rain so I took Mags and went for a run! Sigh! I knew he didn't mean to and I knew he felt horrible about it but I knew that if I let the disappointment build up anymore, I was going to say something hurtful and totally regret it! When all else fails, RUN!!

I came back and he had recovered a few of the pictures that I had recently deleted off of our memory card. Also, I had alot of pictures on google, facebook and well, here. So I am spending the rest of the week pulling together what I can find to bring my memories back. Oh well, let's play the "Glad Game!" At least I still have the ability to make new memories with my family.

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Anonymous said...

Oh no I hate that feeling when you just realize you've done something bad. I'm no computer specialist, but aren't there programs you can buy to look for lost stuff? I hope maybe you find it, or at least can find a bunch of what you lost. thank goodness for the blog pics!