Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More Pics and a Little Weight Loss

I am realizing as of today that Rach may be phasing out the lunchtime nap to my dismay. So we are going through a bit of a routine change up this week that is leaving me a little ragged. We also restarted P90X this week too, just to mix things up. Oh yeah and did I mention that I started weaning Rachel this week? Oh yeah, did I also mention that I started my diet this week? I know...lots of happiness hurdles!! Nothing a good quiet time and an hour of yoga can't fix. So did I mention I have lost 10 pounds since we moved here? I guess there are some advantages to living in a 3 story house. Speaking of the are a few more pics from the living and dining room.

The answer to your question, is yes...I am watching NCIS and yes, that is Ducky! (Please look over my coffee table. It is a work in progress.)

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Ashley said...

I love that painting above your sofa with the pop of orange on your couch. Looks awesome!! Congrats on the weight loss!